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About the Espírito Santo friends 
About the MacCraig friends 




Welcome to Tara Românesca, Zahara and Allemand. Home to the last eligible royals, these enchanting kingdoms house stubborn, sexy hunks and their stubborn, stunning counterparts. And the dangerous criminals who want to see them dead. ​

standalone romances

All ARISTOCRATS titles can be read as standalone, though reading in order would give you a more enjoyable ride!


Coming soon!

  • Taciturn Aristocrat – Prince Dmitri Zahara von Vorontsov & Princess Scarlet

  • Aristocrat – King Kasper Allemand 

  • Aristocrat -- Prince Vladimir Friedrich Lieven-Danesti

  • Aristocrat -- Princess Darinka Zahara von Vorontsov
  • Aristocrat - Princess Svetlana Zahara von Vorontsov
  • Aristocrat -- Prince Joakim Allemand
  • Aristocrat – Prince Haaken Allemand

* titles and release dates are subjected to change

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