Royal Secrets

a Last Royals Series standalone romance

For her, he would put his heart on the line again.​

For the last five years, all Penelope MacPherson has known were promises shattered, hopes dashed, and precious truths revealed to be lies. It left her beaten and alone. But a gorgeous stranger makes her feel something intense, unforgettable. She’s alive again! But can she dare trust in him enough to tell her secrets?

And a dream come true might just be their worst nightmare.

Their chemistry is off the charts and undeniable as it leads them on to what could be heaven on earth—even as their wary minds resist it. Because the path to their potential paradise has no shortage of perils as their pasts and truths are just around the corner, waiting to tear them apart.

But there are secrets in heaven.

When world-renowned GT pilot Prince Rhys Lewis of Allemand rescues a puppy, he could not imagine it would lead to an offer to fix a rare collection of antique cars. Or better yet, that the beautiful owner of the isolated Scottish estate doesn’t even know who he is. In need of a safe haven where he can lick his wounds and mend his broken heart, he instantly jumps at the chance.

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Expected publication March 21, 2019​

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