Damaged Love

A TRUST Series standalone novella

When billionaire RAF Group Captain Lord Richard Smith lost his legs to an IED in Afghanistan, he made sure his fiancée, Giulianna, didn’t find out about it. He could not bear the idea she might honor her vows out of misguided loyalty—and worse, he feared being rejected by her. Besides, she deserved a chance at love with a man without that much baggage. All it took was one little lie to get her to move on.


Giulianna Foreman spent the last two years throwing herself into her work as a pastry chef and joining the best event planners in England. When she learns that her company has been hired to cater a posh weekend wedding at Richard’s family manor, the last thing she wants is to see her former fiancé again. But she’s dedicated to her job and determined to do it well—all while avoiding Richard at every turn.


When the truth is finally unveiled, they’ll have to confront the massive wounds one little lie can inflict and decide if love can make them whole again.


Damaged Love, a USA Today bestseller romance, stands on its own, but it’s also part of Cristiane Serruya's TRUST Universe.

Damaged Love Cover

One lie tore them apart, breaking both their hearts.

And even the truth might not be enough to mend their damaged love. 

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Praise for Damaged Love

"Emotion packed!" ~ EMW - Amazon Vine Voice


"This is a story about second chances and how true love can cure anything." ~ Alberto Finamore

"A Heartfelt, touching story. - I loved this book... It was different, touching and relevant as it reflects things that all too many individuals and family members are faced with in our current times." ~ Jeanne

"I love reading great second chance love stories and Cristiane Serruya has written one of the best ones out there." ~ Michelle V. 

"An addictive read that brings on both tears and smiles!!" ~ Margy42

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Check out PERILOUS LOVE, the sequel to Damaged Love, featuring Lord Hugh Smith.

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