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Dear Readers and Street Team Mates,

There is nothing like word-of-mouth recommendations to get people excited about reading new authors and new books. If you like Cris’s books and want to support her efforts to grow her readership, her Street Team is the place for you!

The time spent reaching out to new readers is time that Cris is not writing.

With your support and help getting the books in front of new readers, she can devote more time to writing!


What’s in it for you?

When you become Cris’s Mate, you’ll receive an exclusive ebook written only for you. And, of course, her undying thanks. But that’s not all!


Cris’s Mates have their own private Facebook page where all the fun really happens!

    •       Exclusive ARCs! Only Cris's Book Mates get to read her romances before anyone else;

    •       Exclusive contests, giveaways, short stories;

    •       Chat with Cris and other mates;

    •       Exclusive previews of new books;

    •       And the unique chance to be a character in one of her romances!


Want to be Cris’s Mate? She'll love to be your mate!

Click here to be admitted on FaceBook Secret Club and click here to be on Cris's Book Mates mailing list!

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