• Cristiane Serruya

The fiction of a relationship

Dear readers, I’m so happy in participating on the course offer by Professor Arnold Weinstein called The Fiction of Relationship on Brown University, one of the Ivy Leagues Institution. Every week you will have a new book’s analysation or a new text talking about the subject. And, of course, Sophia’s tips.

The Fiction of Relationship by Cristiane Serruya. Unfortunately, I could go writing about this a lot, but the limit of words was 150! I hope you enjoy! I’ll be waiting your comments.

One forms its first relationship when born. With an inborn personality, one’s other associations starts typically with parents, teachers and friends, influenced by cultural and historical environment. The very relationship established with oneself is fictional. One’s mirror is distorted by creativity, because real facts: fears, weakness and expectations cannot be seen impartially. Fiction is a necessity to ease one’s way through life. Myriads of interactions can occur, others won’t due to one’s subjectively, who has experienced life in a distinct way. ‘Hell is the others.’, Sartre meant that the one’s views are crucial to the others, a symbiotic-parasitic relation. One needs the other. This isn’t a paradox because everyone’s notions are subjective, therefore fictional. Literature captures and records with accuracy those fictional relationships, baring to us readers its authentic and fictional selfs, contributing to a way of becoming better persons.

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