• Cristiane Serruya

Don’t think, do it!

In times of so much brutality and hate, I want to speak of respect, tolerance and love. From my parents, I learned not only to understand and respect differences between religions, cultures and ways of living, but to admire them.

They also pointed to me the social and racial iniquities are damaging to everyone and taught me we should all help, within our own possibilities, even if that help didn’t seem to have a significant effect at that time.

However, it was when my daughters were born, that my understanding of their teachings grew: It was time to share what I’ve learned and, now fiercely believe: that we don’t need to do much, because if us all do a bit, every day, starting by sharing love, wholehearted and unquestioning, the world will be a much better place.

We have but to start!

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