• Cristiane Serruya

Unexpected Awards

Hello there,

I was very surprised – flabbergasted even – when a few days ago, I received an unexpected mail saying I was finalist in Literary Classics. How? I hadn’t enrolled in it because it was for kids and YA…

Was it a spam? A Trojan Horse?

NO! Today, I understood and I’d love to share with you that I won A GOLD MEDAL for inspirational, motivational young adult on THE MODERN MAN. because a member of the jury indicated it to be participate of it.

I’d like to specially thanks the members of the Jury for having even considering my work and thinking it inspirational to be worth a medal. And also, of course, I couldn’t forget to thank you, my readers, for supporting me through all this difficult way.

Literary Classics is a well known and respected approval program, encouraging fine literature for children and young adult – my case.

www.childrensliteraryclassics.com or www.clcawards.org

Take a look:

My best, Cristiane Serruya


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