Royal Trouble

a Last Royals Series standalone romance

Member of a secret group intent on freeing her country from the oppression of an unforgiving king, Lauriana de Caballeria realizes too late that things are not that simple. Entering a collusion with the king to find and destroy her old group is her only way to stay alive. But a whole month with Valantín is about to test her values—and her boundaries.

As they get closer to defeating the kingdom’s enemy, their shared hunger increases. But the bigger danger that stands in the shadows is the gap between them…one they might not be able to bridge.​

King Valantín di Castella y Aragon will stop at nothing to quash the revolt in his kingdom. But once he secures the key to dismantling the terrorist cell—the very tempting Lauriana—who’s in need of a royal pardon, Valantín finds that the woman he thought he could simply use and forget, is filling his mind just as much as his troubles are. 

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Expected publication March 28, 2018.

A seductive beauty he can never have, yet can’t resist... 

A tormented king she should hate, but can’t deny...

They were supposed to be enemies, never to want each other this much...


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