Shades of Passion

TRUST series universe standalone romances

Hot Winter

A delightful and steamy Christmas standalone romance in the bestselling TRUST Series that will make you believe in the redemptive power of love.

Christmas will never be the same again!


All Sebastian Cameron wants right now is to get his hands on the house he waited half of his life to inherit. But he couldn’t have imagined he would face a wall called Barbara, the most extraordinary woman he's ever met. And totally infuriating with her insistence on having a Christmas festival in his house.

Well, that means war. 

To Barbara Jameson, organizing Ethan Ashford Refuge for Children annual Christmas festival is a way of redemption. When an infernal—sexy and handsome—lawyer with no appreciation for Christmas or good-will toward people threatens it, she steps up with a battle plan.

But with so much mistletoe lurking around every corner, the nemeses might be destined to a different fate than sworn enemies.

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Other books connected with Hot Winter

HOT WINTER is Book 9 in the TRUST SERIES and Barbara appeared on the first part of the series, which is Shades of TRUST. 

Get started with Entwined Fates, which is FREE, by the way. 

Hot Winter stands on its own; you don’t have to read the entire series. Unless you want to. :)

A note to the Trust Series fans:

Most of my readers like to read series in order, even when the books are standalone through them in order, but you can read them in your own way, but for books 1-4, which must be read in order. I wrote and published TRUST series in sequence, but for book 8, Perilous Love, which came out after Hot Winter.

Since Barbara doesn't appear on Book 8, the last book of Shades of Love, and she was begging me to put her story out like right now!, you won't be missing anything if you read Hot Winter before Perilous Love.

Here is the link to the complete series reading orderI hope you enjoy all the love stories.

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