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Shaded Love 


FREE on all retailers for a limited time.

Her future looks bright...

Eva is eighteen and in trouble. She’s carrying the secret child of a man she adores—a man that her fearsome father has forbidden her to see. 

The love of her life has proposed, and her father has drawn a hard line. If she runs away with him, she will lose her inheritance. If she stays home, she will lose her child, her lover, and the life she’s always dreamed of. 

Eva has a choice. She can either become the bad bitch or stay the good girl her family demands that she be. 

What happens in the end, Eva will never see coming. 

Let yourself be intrigued—and heartbroken—by this exciting and stunning novel of forbidden love that ends in a shocking cliffhanger. Start this illicit, sexy love series with SHADED LOVE by USA Today bestselling author Cristiane Serruya now for free! ​​


But there are shadows lurking around the corner.

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Praise for Shaded Love

"It was like reading Jane Austen or William Shakespeare but in modern English." ~ M. Richardson

"It is hard-hitting, not pretty but gets the reader in." ~ Wendy Loomes


"Gripping story with a very unexpected ending!" ~ EMW


"It reads easily but there are unexpected twists which knock you off your seat." ~ XO2read

"It has a unique story-line that captured my attention all the way through it." ~ Judy A Phillips

Unpredictable Love

a KindleScout Winner

He needs a woman to rescue him from his past. 

She needs a man to save her from the horrible things she’s done. 

Together, they might save each other…or get themselves killed.

Billionaire Tavish MacCraig survived Afghanistan as a POW. Despite being back home and working at his family’s worldwide renowned art gallery, Tavish feels shattered. Wracked by PTSD, Tavish’s days are bleak, his nights, living nightmares, and his heart, an empty shell. And no one can understand the torture and pain eating at his soul. 


No one but painter Laetitia Galen.


Laetitia fled hell on earth when she was sixteen…at a very high price. She’s recently found peace and doesn’t want to disturb the false safety her small world gives her by falling for Tavish or accepting his gallery offer of an exclusive contract. Yet, she can’t resist the powerful and sizzling attraction that ignites between them. 


But there is a man plotting a long-awaited revenge against Laetitia, and he will do whatever it takes to make her—and, incidentally, Tavish—pay for what she’s done. Before he kills them.


Tavish and Laetitia will discover that falling in love is life’s greatest risk!

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Praise for  Unpredictable Love

“Cristiane Serruya is exceptionally good at what she does here. This is [Unpredictable Love] but it is Mrs. Serruya who raises her brush and thrusts it onto the canvass with passionate strokes. Five Stars.“ ~ Dks


“The fast pace will keep you turning pages, and you'll be swept up in the passion of Laetitia and Tavish's intense romance. This book gets five stars all the way!“ ~ J. Mitchell


“A delicately nuanced story of two fractured people who find each other, against all odds. Really well written with believable characters that practically walked off the pages. Loved it.“ ~ Avid Reader

What could be a cliché romance turns out to be a heart wrenching, hot, thrilling story about two broken and resilient human beings. ~ Alberto Finamore


Another stupendous romance [that] has it all: a well-written, beautiful story with original plot, great character development, hot sex scenes, and that touch of suspense and action [that] made [Unpredictable Love] a page-flipping exciting book! ~ Josie

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Damaged Love

TRUST series universe standalone romances

One lie tore two lovers apart, breaking both their hearts.

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Some secrets never stay buried long enough…

RAF Captain Lord Richard Smith was so sure he would never see his former fiancée again that he wasn’t worried about the white lies he told everyone. Now, he will do anything to keep his secret, even hurt her again. Because she deserves much more than he can give.

And even the truth might not be enough to mend their damaged love.


Yet fate is a fickle b*tch.

But when the truth is finally unveiled, it might be not enough to mend their damaged love.

When Giulianna Foreman is hired to cater a posh weekend wedding in her former fiancé’s manor, the last thing she wants is to see him again. After all, he broke their engagement—and her heart—via email. But she’s dedicated to her job and determined to do it well—all while avoiding Richard at every turn.

Praise for Damaged Love

"Emotion packed!" ~ EMW - Amazon Vine Voice

"This is a story about second chances and how true love can cure anything." ~ Alberto Finamore​

"A Heartfelt, touching story. - I loved this book... It was different, touching and relevant as it reflects things that all too many individuals and family members are faced with in our current times." ~ Jeanne

"I love reading great second chance love stories and Cristiane Serruya has written one of the best ones out there." ~ Michelle V. 

"An addictive read that brings on both tears and smiles!!" ~ Margy42

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Perilous Love

TRUST series universe standalone romances

He’ll protect her at all costs.

Perilous Love 3D cover.png

Hugh Smith has devoted his life to saving others but one grave mistake on his part caused the death of Anneliese MacDonald’s parents. So when he is summoned to protect her from a possible threat, Hugh doesn’t think twice in obeying—even in the face of danger. Because he knows there is no way to save himself. 

Anneliese MacDonald was devastated by the loss of her parents to an attack by the Taliban at a time when her only problem was figuring out how to seduce Hugh Smith. When small reminders of that nightmarish time make their way into her home, she gladly accepts Hugh—whom she still has a crush on—as her temporary guardian.

With danger lurking around every corner, Hugh will sacrifice everything to ensure Anneliese's security, but the greatest dangers of all might be to his own closed-off heart.


Even if she’s his undoing.

Praise for Perilous Love

An Emotional Thrill Ride Of Epic Proportions. Plan ahead because you will be stealing moments everywhere and whenever you can to keep reading it. ~ Aunt G​

Amazing romance with great characters that you really get into. ~ Sami Evans

I laughed and cried through out this book, but I also fell in love with it. There are no words to describe how wonderful it was to read it. ~ Shyla Wright

...heartbreaking, filled with suspense, lots of danger, and emotions. This is the first book I read by this author and it definitely will not be the last one. ~ Yvonne Cruz

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