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Shades of Love

TRUST Series - Books 5-8

The TRUST Series continues in a series of standalone suspenseful romances, that will have you turning the pages and guessing until the end.

Meet Lieutenant-colonel Tavish Uilleam MacCraig and Group Captains Richard and Hugh Smith.

Brave men who dedicated their lives to serve and protect and who lost much in war.

Now, only true love can save them.

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DAMAGED LOVE - RAF Captain Lord Richard Smith was so sure he would never see his former fiancée again that he wasn’t worried about the white lies he told everyone after breaking off their engagement. But now that she's catering a wedding in his own manor, he'll do anything to keep his secret, even if it hurts her again. Because she deserves much more than he can give. 

A moving romance! ~ BookBub

SHADED LOVE - Eva is eighteen and in trouble. Not only has she rebelled against her father to continue seeing the man she loves, but she's also gotten pregnant. She puts her love and secret baby above everything with no idea of what lies in wait for her. 

UNPREDICTABLE LOVE - Lieutenant-Colonel Tavish MacCraig’s days are bleak. His nights are nightmares. And his heart is an empty shell. One beautiful Irish painter could change all that—if her past doesn’t shatter them both first. A KindleScout romance.

Read and you'll discover another Nora Roberts in her heyday. ~ Jonhaboutime​

Twists and turns that shock you, then twist again! ~ EWM - Amazon Vine Voice

Unexpected. Disturbing. A must read romantic suspense prequel to Unpredictable Love. ~ Linda Reads

PERILOUS LOVE - War hero Lord Hugh Smith will protect Anneliese MacDonald’s life at all costs. Especially since he feels responsible for her parents’ death years ago. But her old crush on him is alive and well. Fever-pitched desires might distract Hugh from the danger lurking around the corner.​

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