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Welcome! This is Cris’s blog.

Here you will find her old short stories and poems, excerpts and news about her books, and her opinions on many, many things.

About stones on the way…

Last week, when I was celebrating the cover reveal of Trust: Pandora’s Box, the last book of the Trust Trilogy, I discovered three readers had already rated it with two stars.

Well, I ask you, how can a reader rate a book without reading it? The book had no cover, no blurb, and it’s not even published…, so how can it receive 2 stars from three readers?

I love to write. As an author, I research, I write and re-write, I edit and re-edit my book, and many things more. Because all I wish is my readers to have a happy time and enjoy a good reading. Ironic, isn’t it?

I’m not saying that everyone has to rate my work with 5, 4 or 3 stars. No. I’m just trying to understand the judgement that has been done – with no previous information – that the book is bad.

I didn’t know – and I still don’t – what motto these readers have or what they were trying to prove, but I tried not to care too much.

But who I was trying to fool? I care. This is my work. The next day I wrote a message to Goodreads, explaining the facts. The answer? “Everyone can rate a book without reading it with how many stars they want. This is our policy and has worked well so far.” Maybe for Goodreads.Because as an author, I call this gratuitous sabotage… and a hard let me down.

I hope the stones on the way don’t muddle the walk.

Sincerely, Cristiane Serruya.

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