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Welcome! This is Cris’s blog.

Here you will find her old short stories and poems, excerpts and news about her books, and her opinions on many, many things.

Love Painted in Red, on KindleScout

Dear friends, I want to share two news with you: one good and another great! The good one is that I’m very excited because my new novel LOVE PAINTED IN RED was selected by AMAZON for a campaign on KindleScout. The top rated books will be published by Amazon Press. Great news is that everyone who votes for my book will receive a free digital copy, if it is published. It's simple! Click here and then on the blue button "Nominate me" to vote for LOVE PAINTED IN RED.

Thank you for your support. I hope you receive my new book for free. :-) Yours,

#KindlePress #LovePaintedinRed

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