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Welcome! This is Cris’s blog.

Here you will find her old short stories and poems, excerpts and news about her books, and her opinions on many, many things.

Allergies… And sun hats.

Due to the use – or should I call it abuse? – of my computer, I developed a terrible allergy on my face. The glare was toasting my skin.

It became so bad I was forbidden to use computers, tablets, had to lower my iPhone screen light and was using drugs to control the pain, plus a strong sunblock – even inside my house – and hats.

Now, I’m better, but on parole.

I still have to shy away from my lovely gadgets a few hours per day and continue to use the sunblock and hats.

In my closet, I had three straw sun hats, a plain light one, another a bit darker embroidered in dark royal blue and another plain darker, but after days using the same beige tones, I needed something more… hmm… fashionable.

I discovered a small shop which sold from Panamas to Stetsons, from Fedoras to Ascot caps, and, of course, sun hats, in every size and color. What was best, I could customize them with my own ribbons and flowers.

I went crazy and bought four beautiful ones.

This is just one of them: In deep purple lightweight straw, I customized it with an deep orange ribbon and added a light orange gauze flower, finishing with a bow on the side.

Me and Marcelo, owner of Aba Chapéus

As you can see, I made a sweetened lemonade from the lemon life gave me!

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